Herem pants have been a hot trend for some time now. The versatility of the pants allows you to take them from day to night, dresses up or down. For those who aren't too sure how to style this item here are three looks to give a try. Many of the items shown can be found at StylishCheapSkate Boutin  (Opening soon)

The beginning of a new semester is right around the corner. Everyone wants to look their best on the first day, but what about the rest of the school year? These 10 style essentials should be staples in everyone's closet to carry them through the year. These items are affordable, easy to wear, and can be mixed and matched with all the new trends. Be sure to keep these items in mind when school shopping in the next couple of week.

1. Skinny Jeans - These can be dressed down with a graphic tee or dressed up with a fancy light knit sweater. An added plus to skinny jeans in that you never really have to worry about spending time on ironing them, because once you put them on the winkles fall right out. :3)

2.Basic V-Neck T - The shape of this tee is very flattering and is another item that can be dressed up or down.

3. Oversized Bag - Every girl should have an oversized bag to carry around all your text books, binders, pens, and lip gloss for touch ups during class. 

4. Hoodie & Sweat Pants - On those days where you just don't feel like putting any effort into your outfit you still look put togther in one of these sets. Just throw on a pair of shades, a messy bun, and a killer lip color and your good to go.

5. Lace Up Booties - Feel comfortable walking around campus while still looking stylish in a pair of these babies. Head will turn in these. 

6. Light Weight Scarf - Throw on one of these to add and extra wow factor to your outfit.

7. Oversized Open Knit Cardigan - For those days were its a little chilly, one of these will fix that problem and give you a little style too.

8. Denim Shorts - Even though the weather is slowly changing denim shorts can still be worn. Just throw on a pair of leggings, slouch socks, and booties.

9. Sneaker - I have never been a sneaker kind of gal but the new trends have been enticing me to add a few to my collection. Chains, zipper, wedges...the list goes on and come on there sneakers so of course there going to be comfy. 

10. Flats - Comfortable.....enough said....

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