April 22, 2014

Top 5 Instagram Accounts

To me, my instagram account is a source of fashion inspirations. I love being able to explore and see what other users are buying and how they're styling their favorite items. Here are my Top 5 Instagram Accounts that I suggest everyone to check out.


@Chloehollywood style is very chic and modern. She keeps her color palette fairly simple with a lot of black and white pieces but keeps her looks fun and exciting through textures and silhouettes.

@Curiouserlia looks are fun and unexpected. I love how she able to pull off such clean looks while adding an edge to it.  One day shes in a pair of Jeffery Campbells while the next she in a pair of Tims. Best of Both worlds!


_Natashaxx has such a luxe feel to her style. She shows that good style is not only expressed through clothing but its also a lifestyle. Her account is every girls dream.


@Rachelteetyler is a tomboy at heart but allows the girly side to shine through. You can find her in a crop top, midi skirt and a pair of sneakers. She has a cool effortless style to her look. Street style meets sexy.


@Titojoy (Ella) is the smallest fashionista of them all but packs a big fashion punch. She has such a fun style and a spirit to match. She's not your everyday toddler her look is so elevated but still age appropriate. I love watching her grow into the star that shes born to be.

September 30, 2013

How To Style Herem Pants

Herem pants have been a hot trend for some time now. The versatility of the pants allows you to take them from day to night, dresses up or down. For those who aren't too sure how to style this item here are three looks to give a try. Many of the items shown can be found at StylishCheapSkate Boutin  (Opening soon)

August 29, 2013

Top 3

2 Piezas - This look gives off an urban L.A fresh feel that I die for. The  distressed shorts and gray top are very basic on its own, however paring the blazer, strapped heels, and hat gives this look so much style.

Stiletto Beats - The laid back feel of this look is very appealing. The boyfriend denim and cut off sweatshirt adds a relaxed feel, but by adding the pointy toe strap heels gives the look a unexpected touch. The pop of red is very eye catching as well.

Life In Travel - I love the combination of white and gold! This look is very clean, neat, and structured. The pop of gold elevates the look and gives it a luxury feel. P.S you can find the white skort at STYLISHCHEAPSKATE BOUTIQUE Opening soon.