April 22, 2014

Top 5 Instagram Accounts

To me, my instagram account is a source of fashion inspirations. I love being able to explore and see what other users are buying and how they're styling their favorite items. Here are my Top 5 Instagram Accounts that I suggest everyone to check out.


@Chloehollywood style is very chic and modern. She keeps her color palette fairly simple with a lot of black and white pieces but keeps her looks fun and exciting through textures and silhouettes.

@Curiouserlia looks are fun and unexpected. I love how she able to pull off such clean looks while adding an edge to it.  One day shes in a pair of Jeffery Campbells while the next she in a pair of Tims. Best of Both worlds!


_Natashaxx has such a luxe feel to her style. She shows that good style is not only expressed through clothing but its also a lifestyle. Her account is every girls dream.


@Rachelteetyler is a tomboy at heart but allows the girly side to shine through. You can find her in a crop top, midi skirt and a pair of sneakers. She has a cool effortless style to her look. Street style meets sexy.


@Titojoy (Ella) is the smallest fashionista of them all but packs a big fashion punch. She has such a fun style and a spirit to match. She's not your everyday toddler her look is so elevated but still age appropriate. I love watching her grow into the star that shes born to be.

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